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LED Lighting

5W-Track Lighting/5W-COBTrack Lighting

 PE1111 5D
MODEL: A117-PE1111-5D

 PE1111 5
MODEL : A117-PE1111-5D

 PE1112 5D
MODEL : A117-PE1112-5D 

 PE1111 2  MODEL : A117-PE1112-5D

Product information:
Material  Aluminum
Voltage  AC110V-220V
Projection angle  25°
Watts/CRI LED 5W / CRI 80
Color temperature / lumen 3000K / 6000K ; 400 lm
Color type Black , White
Size and Weight H190mm W130mm ; g/pcs
  Applicable place                  Home interior decoration, department stores, boutique counters, shop windows, commercial space, etc.


Order information:

Model / product name       Size
A117-PE1111-5D Track light / white+MR16 5W 6000K H190mm W130mm
A117-PE1111-5L Track light / white+MR16 5W 3000K H190mm W130mm
A117-PE1112-5D Track light / black+MR16 5W 6000K H190mm W130mm
A117-PE1112-5L Track light / black+MR16 5W 3000K H190mm W130mm
A117-PE1111-5B Track light / white+MR16 5W Blue light H190mm W130mm
A117-PE1111-5G Track light / white+MR16 5W Green light H190mm W130mm
A117-PE1111-5R Track light / white+MR16 5W Red light H190mm W130mm
A117-PE1112-5B Track light / black+MR16 5W Blue light H190mm W130mm
A117-PE1112-5G Track light / black+MR16 5W Green light H190mm W130mm
A117-PE1112-5R Track light / black+MR16 5W Red light H190mm W130mm
A117-PE1111-COB5L Track light / white+MR16 5WCOB 3000K H190mm W130mm
A117-PE1112-COB5L Track light / black+MR16 5WCOB 3000K H190mm W130mm

 PE1112 5B

MODEL : A117-PE1112-5D

PE1112 COB5L

MODEL : A117-PE1112-COB5L 

PE1111 COB 5L

MODEL : A117-PE1111-COB5L 

 PE1111 COB5L

MODEL : A117-PE1111-COB5L




Feature of product

1. Exquisite workmanship and innovative design

2. Professional optical design, light color is more uniform, no halo, no ghosting, effective filtering of glare light source and glare make the lighting softer and more comfortable

3. The variable beam angle can be easily rotated to provide you with various scenes of light effects.

4. The lamp body has multiple colorful colors to display infinite colorful lights.

5 product color tolerance is less than 3.5 to make the light color closer to the primary color

6. Provide wide voltage 110V-220V common to the global market

7. Product life can be used continuously for more than 30,000 hours

8. The perfect craft design is everywhere


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