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~ From  Japan Aomori 's Apple (by designer GOMA)

From last earthquake in Japan, people were worried and stressed since their power outages and energy become conservation, their children have no space and time to play,  people are realized and start preparing for natural disasters and emergencies stuffs. APPLE LIGHT is one of those which is made of silicone material and hand-feel comfortable. Usually it can be used as a toy for children. Through the soft light of red and green, children will feeling warmed in the horror affairs. In case of an emergency occurred , APPLE LIGHT can be used as a guide light after evacuation.

APPLE LIGHT design is also used as an interior decoration, which will not feel uncomfortable, once the light is turned off, it still be used as a lovely indoor accessory. Warm and soft light beam, which easily eases people heart. It is not only suitable for disasters and emergencies, but also for nighttime lighting.



♦ As Night Pearl Soothe the Soul 

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This is an apple that can absorb and gather energy and turn into the light as Night Pearl in the night.

Expose on daylight or under the light for hours, once the night coming, the apple shines will like a Night Pearl for 10 to 30 minutes. In addition to seeing the bright and beautiful apples, there is a deeper meaning of soothing Japanese or all people during the hardships.


♦ The Warmest Apple Tree In Disaster 




♦ APPLE LIGHT designed by Japanese artist GOMA 

(Winning the HIROSAKI APPLE DESIGN AWARD Grand Prix in 2017)

This is a LED apple light for curing the people spirit from the disaster. In an emergency, during tsunami,  earthquake or typhoon disasters, the country where floods are raging, people have a lot of anxiety and trouble. When you don’t know what will be happened when you encounter a large-scale power outage or evacuation, we all have agreed and will take Apple Light to the evacuation place once in the disaster. People will hang APPLE LIGHT on a tree,  let the warm apple tree lights up during the power outage circumstances, it will give a warm feel to the gathering place during the disaster, to make people eliminate the psychological anxiety.

(artist GOMA)


♦ specification

Product Name: LED Apple Light
Size: 99.9mm x 107 mm
Weight: about 300 grams
Power: 3AA battery / 1.5v * 4
Lighting time: continuous lighting for about 14 hours
Luminous flux: Red 40lm / Green 80lm / Yellow 80lm

Place of Origin: Made in Taiwan


♦ Features 

  1. Luminous function (the LED can be maintained for 30 minutes after turning off the light)
  2. Touch switch
  3. Situational lighting









As previous mentioned, the apple lights can be used as a gift to friends and relatives, those show the spiritual caring and comfort more significant.




Manufacturer: Dichen Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Address: No. 584, Section 2, Zhongyuan Road, Zhongmu District, Taoyuan City
Official website:


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