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Di Chen Introduction

Di Chen enterprise was part of energy technology companies with professional services, since it had produced automated machinery over twenty years. In view of rising environmental-friendly consciousness as well as energy shortage with increasing utility, Di Chen Enterprise Co., Ltd was dedicated to not only energy-saving equipment with lighting implementation, but also specific energy efficiency programs ranging from offices, schools, hospitals, factories, commercial buildings and community in May / 2007. In addition, it also contributes to green-oriented product along with related technology development. In order to provide more professional services, Di Chen has several sections depicted as follows: 


Nano Materials Division 

We are able to provide the research of nano materials and related application services, such as nano-masks, optical reflector and nano anti-bacterial solution. 


Lighting Division

We are able to develop high efficiency lighting service and willing to accept a variety of OEM with ODM order, including commercial light, industrial light, outdoor light, indoor light, garden light, landscape light, waterproof light, explosion-proof light, magnifier working light, T5 and LED. 


Power Monitoring Division

We are able to evaluate overall power system and then effective management method to help customers achieving optimal utility without any power consumption.

Management Philosophy

Concerning environmental-friendly concept matching with technological usage,   Di Chen is always pursuit of high-quality products, providing customers with a professional carbon reduction solutions to meet their demand. The future goal is ready to delve into green technology development as to integrate carbon reduction technology that exceed customer expectations to create a better living environment.

Company History


1987  Yang Sheng Industrial Co., Ltd. was established and specialized in the aspect of air compressor, motorcycle parts, drilling trading, automotive air conditioning businesses, and so on.

2002  Beijing branch office was established.

2003  Tianjin branch office was established.

2007  Di Chen was established around that time, while the main duty is to develop green-oriented product along with related technology development.


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